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How Should the Family Support Program be Funded?

Tennessee law requires a balanced budget. Therefore, when revenues are down, state expenditures must be curtailed. Should we protect programs that benefit our state 's most vulnerable citizens during times of economic decline, or should all departments share equally in expense reductions? Federal stimulus package dollars will be used to pay for the Family Support [...]

What is Your Personal Experience with Family Support?

Thousands of Tennessee families have benefitted from the Family Support Program over the years. What is your experience with Family Support? Do you believe this program is worth saving?

Voice Your Concerns to Legislators and Policymakers

It is your right as a citizen to communicate with your elected officials and state policymakers in regard to any decisions they may make about funding for Family Support or any other state program. How can I contact my legislator? Visit the Senate or House Members page. There you will find a phone numbers, e-mail [...]

Governor, General Assembly Set to Eliminate the Family Support Program

Courtesy of Tennessee Disabilty Coalition Blog Submitted by Todd Hash on Tue, 05/26/2009 – 2:06pm In 1992 the Coalition led efforts to establish the Family Support Program, but today the program and its roughly $7.6 million budget are set to be eliminated in the 2010-2011 fiscal year. However, 5 to 15 minutes of your time [...]

Letter from Asst. Commissioner Norris to DD Taskforce

Courtesy of UCP of Middle Tennessee Blog: In the report entitled “Fulfill the Promise the Developmental DisabilitiesTask Force appointed by the state legislature called for an increase in state funding for the Family Support Program, one of Tennessee 's only service programs that is available to persons with developmental disabilities other than mental retardation. The [...]

Funding Cuts Hurt Most Vulnerable

Copyright 2009 WPSD-TV Reported by: Jennifer Horbelt Email: Last Update: 5/28 6:38 pm Text Version below: WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN- The budget axe swings, and this time programs that help people with special needs are on the chopping block. “It 's a small amount of money, but it does so much,” Mike Freeman said [...]

State Disabilities Fund May Dry Up

April 11, 2009 Program 's budget for 2010 could drop from $7 million to $200,000 By Colby Sledge THE TENNESSEAN Money is already tight for Murfreesboro residents Merideth and John Allen. Their daughter Hannah, 17, is mentally retarded, and their son Josiah, 15, has spina bifida and requires a ventilator. John was laid off from [...]

History of the Family Support Program

The Tennessee Family Support program was first created in FY 1988-89 with a very small allocation of $108,000 from the state Division of Mental Retardation Services (DMRS). The program was patterned after the Wisconsin state Family Support program. The initial program was administered by DMRS Regional Office staff, and from the outset served people with [...]